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[T2O] is recruiting! Naval and Clan battle focussed

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Greeting Captain!


We at T2O are a small clan for now. A couple of Brits looking for other members in the EU region to play casual WoWs. T2O formed fairly recently we are looking for rapid expansion to help bring in that Oil and bring all the benefits to you! Me and my fellow captain, Pete_Robinson are more or less on every evening from around 5PM



50% win rate

Willing to join Discord, english only please, with working mic (PTT only)

Have at least one Tier 9 Tech tree ship or one Tier 10 tech tree ship

Willingness to participate in Clan Battles (or work your way up to Tier 10 for it)

Willingness to Div Up and sail into glory!


What we can bring: 

Dry Dock: -5% post battle service for all ships

Shipbuilding Yard: -10% research cost of all ships

Research Center: +2% XP on T1 to T8

Design Bureau: +10% Free XP on T1 to T8

Academy: +4% Commander XP per battle


We don't expect you to log in every single day as any Captain will have a home to tend to and bread to win so evenings are preferred when possible. Our focus at the moment is bringing in that Oil so until we have enough clan members, we will primarily focus on getting your to Tier 10 through team work and a bit of elbow grease!


PM me here or in game if you are interested, my WoWs name is JakeSanchard and my fellow Captain is Pete_Robinson.


We look forward to seeing you!

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