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0.9.1 PTS - Gameplay Changes

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Captains! :cap_look:


In Update 0.9.1, old upgrades will be updated and some new ones will be added. We have also removed all type and tier restrictions for any special upgrades that improve the efficiency of ship consumables.

Some upgrades will be replaced with new ones: if you have any of these upgrades already mounted on your ships, they will be replaced with their new versions. Any upgrades in your Inventory that are removed from the game will be exchanged for their full cost in credits.




Detailed list of changes:


New upgrades


Maneuverability System (second slot):

This upgrade combines the bonuses provided by the Propulsion Modification 1 and Steering Gears Modification 1 upgrades that are scheduled to be removed from the game:

−20% to the chances of critical damage to the engine and steering gears

−20% to the engine and steering gears repair time


Torpedo Tubes Modification 1 (third slot):

+20% to the traverse speed of torpedo tubes

−40% to the chances of critical damage to torpedo tubes

+5% to the speed of shipborne torpedoes


Aerial Torpedoes Modification 1 (third slot):

+5% to the speed of torpedoes dropped from the air


Torpedo Protection System (fifth slot):

Replaces the Target Acquisition System Modification 1 upgrade and provides the following bonuses:

Increases the range of assured acquisition of torpedoes to a fixed value of 1.8 km (this range can be further increased by learning the Vigilance skill)

Adds +5% to the efficiency of the ship's anti-torpedo defenses


Ship Consumables Modification 1 (fifth slot):

+10% to the action time of ship consumables


Squadron Consumables Modification 1 (fifth slot):

+50% to the action time of squadron consumables


Auxiliary Armaments Modification 2 (sixth slot):

Combines the AA Guns Modification 2 and Secondary Battery Modification 2 upgrades that are scheduled to be removed from the game:

+15% to the continuous damage of AA guns

+15% to the damage within the explosion radius of shells fired by AA defenses

−20% to the secondary battery reload time

Two additional explosions in AA salvos when the Defensive AA Fire consumable is active



Changes to upgrades


Damage Control System Modification 1 (second slot):

Introduced a bonus adding +2% to the ship's torpedo protection


Defensive AA Fire Modification 1 (special upgrade; second slot):

Added a bonus reducing the reload time of the Defensive AA Fire consumable by 10%.


Main Battery Modification 2 (third slot):

Removed the penalty to the main battery gun reload time.


AA Guns Modification 1 (third slot):

The bonus providing additional explosions in AA salvos has been replaced with a 20% reduction in the preparation time of the priority AA sector.


Enhanced Countermeasures (a unique upgrade for cruiser X Worcester; fifth slot):

The bonus applied to the action time of the Surveillance Radar consumable has been increased from 10% to 20%.


Please leave here your feedback regarding particular upgrades.

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Announced on Dev-blog last week, pushed on PTS immediatly.

Did you not cosider testing within your company?


Or: Did you already test and published the Dev-Blog entry late on purpose?


I expect it's just another change set in stone, like many other questionable changes lately.

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I like most of the new upgrades. Finally a somehow usefull upgrade for slot 3 for CVs. :Smile_medal:

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I have an issue regarding the new "AA guns mod.1" and "Auxiliary Armaments mod.2".


AA guns mod.1 no more provides the 2 extra flaks but boosts the sector...I think it's a worse module now (especially on DDs but I've talked to people that disagree on this, fair enough), but I don't understand why those 2 got shifted to the Auxiliary Armaments mod.2 and especially with the restriction "when defAA is active".


I don't see any ship in the game that can fully utilise all 3 aspects of this modules efficiently (secondary boost, AA boost and flak boost all at once).


E.G. a full secondary build Kurfurst, not having defAA, won't be able to use the two extra flaks, or a full AA build Wooster has no secondaries to boost.


The only 2 ships that might benefit are Thunderer (has defAA, but going for secondaries is highly unrecommendable) and Siegfried (can go for secondaries and has defAA, but she's Missed In Development).


I think to solve this issue you should remove the "when defAA is active" restriction, because the base idea of this module is great but this restriction limits its full usage and basically removes the whole point of the "old" AA guns mod.1 for many ships.

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I like u did some changed to module but i have some opinion what can u do more :) !


For slot 1 

Magazine modification 1 - just remove it is pointless

Damage control party modification 1 - i think it must be changed to something like lower cooldown for DCP ??


For slot 2

It is ok i like the state 


For slot 3

AA mod and Secondary mod u can just scale like for slot 6

+2 to number of explosions produced by salvos from long-range AA defenses

-20% preparation time for sectors

+20% to secondary battery maximum firing range.
-20% to maximum dispersion of secondary battery shells


For slot 4 

It is ok i like the state 


For slot 5

It is ok i like the state 


For slot 6

This new AA + secondary should just give:

AA Near Continuous Damage: +15%
AA Outer Continuous Damage: +15%
Secondary Battery Shot Delay: -20%

Without this +2 explosion for DFAA

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chciałbym coś napisać wasze mapy sa do d,,,,,,,, ponieważ nie ma czegoś takiego na morzu jak góry góreczki w tajfunach się nie pływa byłem marynarzem wydziwiacie ty tymi mapami czyste morze i  można grac a nie ukrywanie się za górkami 

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Maths curiosity:



Destroyer X Yueyang:

Torpedo speed increased from 68 to 69 knots;

Torpedo tube reload time reduced from 146 to 142 s.


Now: 146 secs - 10% by using Enhanced Armament = 146 - 14.6 = 131.4 secs
131.4 secs - 10% Torpedo Armament Expertise = 131 - 13.14 = 118.3 secs


After Update: 142 - 10 % = 127.8; 127.8 - 10% = 115 secs


A 4 secs reduction means 3 sec after u choose that commander skill and upgrade.



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AWESOME idea to offer more upgrade variety, specailly on the same slot as concelment system which is way too prevalent. sadly, I am araid none of the added upgrades is really worth it instead of the concelment upgrade on Battleships, and it is sad. concelment upgrade is simply too good, and the other two new options not good enough compared to the concealment buff PLUS disspersion debuff.


I would personally buff the consumables upgrade to either a +15% instead of the current +10%, or preferably leave the current +10% duration and add a -10% reload time modifier. That would make it much more interesting to use on BBs hopefully reducing the stupid full concelment build which most BBs must use to be competitive.


torpedo protection upgrade: tried it, not impresed and you loose a lot of protection by not using a full concealment build...

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AA Guns Modification 1 (third slot)

In game it says: better AA efficiency and also 20% reduced prep time.


What is meant my better AA efficiency and where can I find information?

Or is "better AA efficiency" just the headline / title of the effect?

Then I don' t think there are many ships which find AA Guns Mod 1 worth it.


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