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Looking for a casual, friendly and competitive clan

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I'm looking for a clan that consists of casual or good players that are playing this game for fun and not to boast high percentages or ratios. I would like the clan to be active in Clan Battles as I would like to start getting some steel. If your clan has tons of obligations and quotas to meet, don't bother with me, I play this game in my free time for fun and not as an obligation.


I'm generally a DD player, got pretty good experience with the game (doesn't mean I'm actually good). I come from The Netherlands (GMT+1) and go to school on weekdays and work in the weekends.

Currently gunning to get the Somers, but need steel, lots and lots of steel for it, so that's the main reason I'm looking for a group of likeable individuals to grind through it with.


If anyone's interested in having me, feel free to approach me.

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Hey mate!
We at [T-M-F] are primarily UK and EU players but as long as you speak fairly good English, and have a sense of humour you are welcome, we are shall we say more senior in years.
We have a clan of like-minded mature members, who like to having a good time and who do not need micromanaging.
If you gravitate to players with the same disposition please come visit us in Discord
If you are:
? Over 25
(exceptions will be made if you demonstrate maturity beyond your years)
1 Not thin skinned (profanity is there all the time)
2 A committed player.
3 Have a good range of ship tiers & types fully specced tier V111s and above. 
4 Have at least 1000 games under your belt. 
5 Enjoy divisioning with like-minded people who can give as good as they get.
6 Committed to playing the game for mainly fun/relaxation with a focus on competitive play.

We are a well-rounded bunch who play most day's & evenings, clan battles are encouraged and we use Discord for chat and our in-game banter could be adult themed, so if you cannot stand banter/having the piss taken don't bother.
We have a good mix, some play for fun and others can get serious we play tiers 2 to 10 with a mix of classes but expect players to rotate types as requested
We are looking for players who don't take themselves too seriously, who have a good tier spread of ships and can give as good as they get.

Your only comitment is to connect to discord? when your playing and be responsive to chat.
If you are interested, feel free to message me.


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:cap_horn:Hi Filmey,


I think BBMM will be a good community for you. our members play casual and competitive.

We are active in Clanbattles/brawls and participate in almost all events like KoTs.

Our members base consist of members all over the globe including some dutchies (like me):Smile_teethhappy:

I like to invite you to our discord to check BBMM out for yourself the adress is https://discord.gg/YuVaFFH






Beer Belly Mastermindz



BBMM naval base updates 17 dec 2019.PNG


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