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WG pls buff Kremlin!

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Pls, why did you have to destroy this perfectly balansed ship? It's literally unplayable now, especially in randoms where chances are high to have a CV in every other game! I mean, what strongpoints are now left, after the introduction of this crippling weakness ( the AA hitpoint nerf)? It only got totally OP armor left with almost, but only almost - IFHE Hindenburg I'm looking at you (nerf her base HE pen !) - HE spam invulnerability. It only takes unlucky citadells when perfectly broadsiding, from up close. Only second best torpedobelt at T10. OP ruddershift of almost cruiserlevel, but again only almost! Best AP penetration even dumping 64mm higher caliber Yamato shells. Very good accuracy at 15+ km and retartedly good accuracy below...which I would rather rate as a weakness, because actually at long range some shots might get missen.


So why should now someone take this PoS over and other T10 BB?


I mean, why did you have to utterly destroy this ship by nerfing it into the ground, when on the other hand you only make small and sensible adjustments with Henry IV and Kleber, which are clearly still retartedly overpowered!? Makes no sense?


Just glad I dont have any of these ships...

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Thread closed because of Trolling.

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