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STOP with the RNG access to pre-release ships

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Will you please stop with the RNG nature of obtaining the pre-release ships. 


At what point did the clown in charge of the WoWS circus think this is a good idea, let's have ALL the players work for the tokens but make the availability of the ships purely RNG based, I am getting sick and tired of this WG.


But, wait, you can skip this and guarantee the ships by spending up to 65,000 dubloons, what ever you are smoking or drinking over there in St Petersburg I need some, the ability to completely disconnect yourself from reality is something we all need from time to time.


I really hate this gated content, WG, you have learned nothing from the PR debacle, your greed literally knows no bounds.


Am now looking at other games to play as this greed is getting beyond a joke WG, stop it.


And before anyone pipes up with " but they'll all be available in a couple of months, so wait", no, I won't, why should player A get rewarded more for doing exactly the same thing as player B?


There is enough RNG in this game already WG, or do you simply have no other ideas how to do these pre-releases other than your "surprise mechanics".



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