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[CG2] Company Gamers 2 are recruiting now !!!

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[CG2] Company Gamers 2 are recruiting now.

We are the sister clan of [CG] Company Gamers and also looking to be a competitive clan. Clan battles are important to us and we do expect decent gameplay from clan team members.

We are an active clan and spend a lot of time in divisions, helping new players to improve and often take part in group events.

Ideally we are looking for active players with multiple tier X ships and currently achieving 50% win rate, please message me in game/Forum or pop on TS and speak to one of our members.

TS Server is


What we can offer 

+10% Free XP Per Battle

+6% Commander XP per Battle

+3% XP Per Battle

+5% Increase of Coal Received

-10% Cost of Researchable ships of all tiers



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