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CKBK: Let's start a revolution

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CKBK_new.thumb.png.f88dcb6a1c030ee9ec4ac467e5369140.pngCHEEEKI BREEEKICKBK_new.thumb.png.f88dcb6a1c030ee9ec4ac467e5369140.png


From the ashes of the gold rush and capitalism, we rise united under one flag to be cheeky forever.#weservetheUSSR


We are former members of GOLD and -CIA-, we joined forces under CKBK to be more active, more competitive and more fun, our objective is to consistently take part in clan battles and tournaments, we are seeking experienced comrades with competitive mindsets and aiming to have fun with it.




The ability to have fun

At least 18 years of age

English speaking 

a working microphone

Discord and Teamspeak

60% WR, 1800 PR, 60k avg dmg and at least 2 competitive T10s (with good stats) of course some exceptions can be made.


 our achievements:


Typhoon or hurricane every season

knockout stage KOTS 10 (top 16)

Quater final KOTS 11 (top 8)

the true creators of the Blyat Petro Strats kapp.png.7ccb20068f2aef4ad23d95941c1f7ebc.png


 What do we offer:


playing high league clan battles

chill and friendly climate

competitive experience


Our goals:


playing clan battles

competing in KOTS


If you are interested in joining feel free to drop in https://discord.gg/Hw7SJRV contact communist party member or communist party recruiter, if you wanna just stop by and say “Hi” make sure to bring Vodka comrade comradepeepo.png.e91ad5b51b37a55c009c1f31809ed821.png



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Bump as we are still looking for some wodka chugging clan members 

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Hi there

My name's Cletus, but my cousins call me Bubbah Lowball.

I have sum experience on warships...mostly cleaning the turrets from the inside out.  I got fired because I used the freshly fired turrets to warm up my hotdawgs for lunch.  But I know my way around some ships...

Will you give me a home?

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