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There's no guaranteed way to obtain Missouri, only chance.


As mentioned above, Missouri can be obtained from containers which is perhaps the most consistent chance since you can try to obtain a supercontainer 3 times a day at least. The shop bought christmas gifts can also contain any premium, though some research into their drop rates reveals that the smallest gift containers are not worth buying and the chance of getting a ship from the other containers is weighted, making some premiums more likely than others.


Obtaining Missouri nowadays is either expensive or time consuming and luck based.

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Gerade eben, ratko_hrvatska sagte:

Hello, i have an question...

Can I buy missouri on any way....or? 

My favourite ship and i like to have her...but no way to get her?

Only ways nowadays are:

1. Through buyable crates in the shop ( you basically have to be the luckiest guy on earth)

2. Supercontainer through your daily "XP-Stages"

3. Giveaways from WG / CCs


No other ways i´m aware of right now.

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