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News of new game modes, operations?

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Hello Wargaming !


From the height of my 312 ships (and soon to have 313 with the Puerto RIco after weeks of farming), I am an old player, loving your game so much that even in my CV and Submarine-despising stance, I continue to worship the quality of graphisms and fun gameplay. However, the game modes that are reserved for specific events are so good (like the raid on the filth by example, or the base defense in the space action) that I am amazed it's still not implemented as permanent game modes with "normal" ships. It would bring great diversity to the game, and I would even play them more than even operations. And what the heck happened to the project of PvP convoy escort modes described by the game devblog almost a year ago? It was super-promising and I was drooling in excitation for these.

Speaking about operations, every semester I ask the same : where are CHERRY BLOSSOM, LAST FRONTIER, DUNKIRK, HERMES? Do you plan to leave them on hiatus indefinitely? Are there plans to scale the operations at least from Tier IV to VIII or IX? That would bring good change.
I know, I am boring, but I spend around 4 hours on the game every day, maybe more (like 12 or 14 the last two weeks for farming the PR directives 5 and 6), so I guess I can ask some questions and be boring to community managers that will have to answer again and again the same questions I am asking.
Good day, sirs and ma'ams and mates of Wargaming ! Continue the good work... I guess.


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