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Dockyard idea

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Dockyard Problem

This Dockyard event as we all know its disappointment due to WGs acting and their choises , worst thing is i feel like work of designers of Dockyard or who worked on this beatiful idea just thrown into trash by WG in my opinion. Problem Right now its 30 day Impossible Grind fest and feature that used for holiday event. And i don't think it supposed to be like that, just like last year Gorizia should've been main reward and main grind reward while Dockyard should've been in the background without time limits and without special directives for dockyard rather all focus on directives supposed to be about Gorizia. 

Fixing idea

It should've no time limits and no directives, rewards on stages should've lowered or should be removed and ship building tokens will be earned from resource container, daily missions with coal and 2 per match.Ship Tokens will be totally new resource.


Resource Containers are best for it because it already saying "Resource" it will give 60 tokens if drops 1 or maximum 180 if all three is Token.



There will be 5 missions for ship they will be grindy but they will be rewarding, for Puerto Rico missions will be 3 mission will be giving 250 Token , other 2 will be giving special  perma camo for one of the American ship.


There will be still premium boosters for who wants to boost and decrease the time to build the ship(I mean If ship has 7 month build time it will be lowered to 5 or 4 months) but there will be no way to buy the ship immeaditly with doubloons but booster cost will change ship to ship for PR it will be same 24 k and normal boosters will be still same as now.

Ship List and points


There will be ship list that will be maded overtime. First ship is Puerto Rico normally with 51 million point gathering. New ships can be added rarely its okay but its nice way to add very rare ships such as Enterprise and Missouri and etc.And future premium ships Such as Borodino. Points for Rare ships will be 100 million but ships like Tirpitz if she becomes one of them will be 35 million while ship like Siegfried for example can be 43 million, meanwhile cost of boosters will change to Tier of constructed ship, maximum 13 k for T8 while T9 will be 16 k maybe.


Tell me if this is wrong idea WG and you guys?


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