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Well, I'd love to, but why would I want to lose friends by bringing them to the game to be scammed in an event like the PR fiasco?


Worse, I get to earn a few trinkets for all the blood I send WG, they get the big bucks from my "soon to be former" friends and I get 20 pieces of worthless doubloons, I mean, silver for my effort?


I cannot in all good conscience send anyone to WoWs given that WG cares very little for loyalty, honour and friendships... I mean, look at the PR grind, they don't even care about our families let alone friends... so WHY would I want to do that to anyone?


I suggest WG and WoWs accepts the fact that everyone now trusts them as much as a home invader armed with a rusty knife... in fact, I'd trust the home invader more because he would only do that to me ONCDE whereas WoWs has screwed us time and time again... BUT even now, they don't "get the anger"... that is the Russian way of doing business... their way or screw you... they have NO IDEA what it is like to conduct customer relations... NONE!!!! I'm sick of Sub_Octavian and his hollow false apologies and lame excuses. "We did it for the invalids and unemployed".... LAME EXCUSE!


And you DARE think I'd subject THAT onto anyone else?


I know what their thinking is.... "Pay 20 pieces of silver to fools who send us new marks we can scam and when they leave... so what... more new blood incoming..."

Reminds me of a Ponzi scheme... makes sense, I mean, they are asking for more and more and more because fewer and fewer are paying the bills....


ENOUGH! You want new blood.... then RESPECT THE PLAYER BASE!!!! That would be a good start... I will not help you scam people.

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