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Dockyard: The Rules Made Simple

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Articles such this one must be "put on table" before any game event  "lands". Players have the right to know what "contract" they have to "sign" before they decide to spend or not money. "Communication problem" will not happen in future, if you focus, in solid mathematical advices, as in this article. Also, avoid pompous words like "free", "gift" etc, these are words used by politicians and other charlatans. As physicist, I prefer WG to tell me "you have to do these X,Y,Z... in order to get these A,B,C". Solid, concrete "mathematicaly" based data and let players choose, if they accept the offer or not, if the stuff is free for them or not, crises are made by those they have to do a task and not by those make it! Personally, I prefer a Russian guy with ugly face and bad English that tells me what to do in order to get the "goodies" from the event than a beautiful bimbo that tells me that "gifts", "cool stuff",etc  without "concrete" info and advice.

 Thumbs up! WG. Plz do same in future events, players must know the terms (no matter if they are easy or harsh). Kudos to the writer/writers  of this article. 

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