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Santa's Mega gift containers (and you want to get ships)

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With all this talk about the PR and the costs, I looked a little closer to the economics and math about the Mega Gift containers.


In my clan, several people have bought 20 Mega's and the result was between 0 (seriously!) and 2 ships. Being a seasoned player I have quite a few premium ships but there are still some nice ones on the list I would love to have (I am not interested in tier 4-5-6). However, what I like makes up less than 10% of what is offered (that I don't have yet). So 1 bundle of 20 boxes gives me a 20% chance of getting a ship I want to have.


So to get a ship I really like, I would have to buy 5 bundles to make a really good chance to that 1 ship. That's 300+ euro. But hey! That is with a discount!! Otherwise, it would 410 euro... lol

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