The news article for 0.8.11 states there are 24 Shipbuilding containers from Directives. But I've only counted 23.   There are 5 more from Daily Shipments. And 12 more from completing all four of the combat mission chain starting with 3 for Gorizia.   In total 40 containers dropping one item per container. The collection consists of 20 items.   On the PTS it took me 34 containers to have enough duplicates to complete the collection, an exchange rate of 4 duplicates for 1 new item.     To guarantee completion you will need at least 14 items, and 24 duplicates (38/40 containers).   Good news? Well look again at the distribution in the Directives, and their requirements.   The first Directive rewards 2 containers, plus 2 for Gorizia missions. The second Directive rewards 7 containers, 6 of which are linked to the 85,000 base XP, 400,000 total XP, and 135,000 XP for every class. The third Directive rewards 9 containers, plus 3 for Gorizia. 6 of these are linked to the 320,000 commander XP, 105,000 base XP, and 48,000 base XP per class.   My personal estimate is that I can unreasonably expect to earn 34 out of 40. Let's hope I get the same RNG as on the PTS, otherwise this is another big 'No'.