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WG, please think what you're doing here.

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Just came from a 12-month hiatus to the Puerto Rico sh*tstorm. I was thinking it's once more the forums/reddit being melodramatic over nothing. But hoooly sh*t.


WG, you really need to stop and think hard what you're doing here. Please tell us to our faces that the PR grind wasn't designed to be unachievable. Note that if PR was not meant to be free-to-gain, that's fine -- just BE UPFRONT about it.


And when you're confronted with the details of the PR grind, what do you do. You respond with a plain LIE that at least Gorizia is easier to get than P.E. Friedrich (when a quick look at the numbers show it's ~five times harder to grind).


Please note, this is not about ship costs but about how you communicate them. I am fundamentally FINE with a F2P title having very expensive top-tier premiums. Just ask that lawyer or consultant 200 EUR for his very special ship -- this is stuff for memes but not the end of the world. Hell, make the ship cool enough and I might pay you 200 EUR myself. But please be OPEN about this and do NOT lie to our faces.


I've supported WG through stuff like the the CV rework (which had its own problems but had valid reasoning behind it), but with bullsh*t like this it's over.

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