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Asashio B flag change..

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i am not sure if i'm posting this in the right section, but what did you do with the Asashio B black commander flag, WG? for those who don't know - there was a bundle for sale during Black Friday with 12-point commander (Ikeda Mamoru), a patch and a flag, all tied to the Asashio B. i bought it. looks cool. well, at least it did, until this last update. i must point out that the main reason for me buying this pack was the patch and flag. the commander looks cool and all, but i spent 3.5k Doubloons (IIRC) for the patch and flag. yes, i know, i am a fool..


this is how it looked when i bought it (this is a promo picture from their website), the sun and those lines in the waves were yellow -




and this is how the flag looks now. the yellow colour is gone -




now, maybe a silly question, but does everyone have this flag black/white, or do you still have it black/yellow? because if it's white for everyone (maybe my mods are interfering with something, even though i use the updated Mod Station mods and only a handful of them, 3-4 mods in total). if it's black/white i WILL ask for a refund..


P.S.: don't know why the first image doesn't show. i put it through the "insert link" thingy at the top. the second one works fine. weird..

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