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0.8.11 : what an amazing update

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Wargaming really outstanding work. Core bug fixes like The damage Emblem for the cruisers, battleships, destroyers are still bugged. I cant open armory ingame.

Are you for real. This is a festive season where you should be thinking of easing up the directive objectives and instead you make it a total scam from the very beginning. Not stating the ship types in the Objective title so players have to manually click every one of them open after they have been in battle with their signals on just to see that each one has a different ship type AND NATION. This is a missed oppurtunity, I was hoping it rather not be something like what GAIJIN offers in warthunder BUT WOW this is literally the "WG: Hold my beer" meme. this is so much worse than any grind I have ever seen. I play warthunder, destiny 2, No mans sky, never have I seen such broken maths in grinding objectives. do you even realise that even after giving 6+ hours a day trying to earn 2000 BASE XP per match where directives are unlocked within 7 days in a festive season. I really want to smoke what you guys are having at WG headquarters. this makes research bureau look like poptart.

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