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All New Year Stuff 2019

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Hi guys,


There is big halo about New Year event so I will tell you what I am going to do:


Because I have accumulated 1 030 000 FreeXP at 24. of December I will pick up Alaska from Techtree a I can forgot about Puerto Rico. It will be nice gift. Just one turret missing.


I already have permacamo for Zara for tokens so this will be my Gorizia, maybe better one. At his moment I grind Alberto di Gussiano. Soon.


I will blow out several snowflakes of my high tier ships to collect some coal and steel. With curent steel collection speed I will have Stalingrand in 2025 I hope. 


I will pick up easy gifts and I will not care about rest.


This year I spent around 9 euros for Perth in Summer sale and in 2020 I will do something similar. No big money from me anymore WG.


I will enjoy ma Christmas with family and if I will have some free time then i will play WOWS. 5-10 games per week as usually.


No rush, no screaming, WOWS will be there for a whole year 2020.:Smile_honoring:


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And u forgot to add that you will save your sanity too. I will be passing these WG christmass activities too. Gorizia not worth it, Luthjens overpriced, Puerto Rico for Whales.

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Sensible chap, I think. 


I can understand why WG are feeling a bit defensive, tbh. But they're fools if they think people got over excited about Puerto Rico. What prize did they expect people to focus on? Gorizia is not a exciting ship, is it? Zara with some different consumables. Did they not notice the lukewarm reaction to the Italian cruisers, that people aren't clamoring for more of them, and that we've already been through this whole directive stuff (including the bonus premium ship) in the last 90 days? 


Snowflakes and loot boxes would have been fine. The rest is just over doing it, and they're paying the price. 

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