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PINGUINS TOGÆTHER - Gather Together and Fight Cancer

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- Gather Together and Fight Cancer -

December 14, 2019


First of all, it should be noted that in this 24h charity stream we will mainly speak German but don't worry! 
There will be three hours of English gameplay during the event because we will have some big English speaking guests!

The Mighty Jingles, Flamu and Flambass to be accurate. 
Also there will be a lot of
giveaways during the whole event.
For more information and when we will speak English read below.


As some of you might have heard, there was a charity stream on my Twitch channel in August this year.

This donation marathon was a great success and surpassed my expectations by far.
With your help and generosity, we could raise the incredible amount of 10.395 € for the fight against cancer within 24 hours.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone out there, once again, for this wonderful day!



I would like to thank all those who donated as well as everybody who took part in my charity stream to raise awareness and the fight against cancer.

With your warm hearted support, I've been moved personally which made me even more enthusiastic.
You can imagine that I am incredibly motivated to organize another charity stream and so I thought to myself:

"What better time could there possibly be than the reflective pre-christmas period?“
That's why there will be another 24-hour donation stream in the fight against cancer this December!

So we can spread the fight against cancer and raise awareness of this horrible disease. Lets spread the joy of christmas to the world.



Info / Information



click --> Donate <-- click



When does it take place?

The stream will start on Saturday, December 14, 2019 at 9:00 AM CET and will run for 24 hours.



Where does it take place?

On my channel at Twitch:




What do we collect for?

Donations will be accepted on behalf of the project "Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder und ihre Familien" ("Help for children with cancer and their families") by the Förderkreis krebskranke Kinder e.V. Stuttgart.



What's the reason behind this charity/donation stream one might ask?

Apart from the fact that it is generally important to support such projects, it is a personal concern of mine, as my family was supported by this project not so long ago, which me and my brother will be talking about later in this stream.


How is it collected?

All Donations will be made via the recognized donation page Betterplace.org, which has also recently become an official partner of Twitch.

The donated money goes directly to the account of Betterplace and is collected there.

At the end of the event I will assign it to the mentioned project.

Important only for people living in Germany: You will receive a donation receipt from Betterplace to make all your donations tax deductible!


Since transactions usually incur fees, Betterplace deducts 2.5% of your donations exactly for those purposes.

This does not include the operating costs of this website!

You can, however, donate a small amount to the website so that Betterplace can continue its incredible work.

With each donation, you will be able to set an amount for another donation that goes directly to Betterplace so kindly separately specify an amount that goes directly to Betterplace.

This is completely voluntary, but very much appreciated!


The link to my fundraiser on Betterplace will be added here on the day of the event and will also be available on my channel at Twitch.

You will be able to donate via credit card, PayPal, or paydirekt.

If you want to support the donation project and my Twitch channel at the same time, (or the options mentioned above won't work for you) you can do so with a T1 sub.

For each sub/resub/prime sub/gifted sub on my channel, during the event, I will collect 2 € per sub of the received money from Twitch and donate it directly to the project.

That way we collected more than 1000 € at the charity stream in August!
I will have to set a limit though, because I won't get the Money from Twitch instantly. 
The limit will be around 1500 subs or 3000 €.



What does the schedule look like?

Graphic with all the key points below.

So far, as planned in the schedule, we'll be playing "World of Warships" from 9:45 AM CET to 8:00 PM CET, with a two-hour break playing "World of Tanks" (4:00 PM CET to 5:45 PM CET).


From 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM there will be a Q & A with my brother, who had cancer himself.

Within this hour, we will take us some time to answer all your questions on this topic, as far as we can.


After the Q & A we, my brother and me, will be playing "A Way Out", "We Were Here" and afterwards, I will play "What Remains of Edith Finch".

The rest of the time, I'll decide spontaneously what is being played, but WoWs will probably be there again.





Which Guests will be there?


Again I've invited a bunch of cool people, to join me in World of Warships divisions and platoons in World of Tanks.

I would have liked to invite more people, but unfortunately I couldn't accommodate any more :(



(9:45 AM - 10:45 AM CET)



(9:45 AM - 10:45 AM CET)



(11:00 AM- 12:00 PM CET)



(11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CET)



(12:15 PM - 1:15 PM CET)



(12:15 PM - 1:15 PM CET)



(1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CET)



(1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CET)




(2:45 PM - 3:45 PM CET)



(4:00 PM - 5:45 PM CET)


The Mighty Jingles

(6:00 PM - 7:45 PM CET)



(6:00 PM - 7:45 PM CET)



What prizes and gifts can you expect during the Stream?

With an overwhelming support of Wargaming, KSM AnimeDXRacer and brand and heist there will be giveaways worth a total value of more than 2000€.


For World of Warships:


Missouri (T9 BB)

Belfast (T7 CA)


Roma (T8 BB)

Lenin (T8 BB)

Kaga (T8 CV)

Bayard (T8 CA)

Atago (T8 CA)

Cossack (T8 DD)

Lo Yang (T8 DD)

Kidd (T8 DD)


Scharnhorst (T7 BB)

Ashitaka (T7 BB)

Boise (T7 CA)

Nueve De Julio (T7 CA)

Haida (T7 DD)

Blyskawica (T7 DD)

Z-39 (T7 DD)

Sims (T7 DD)


Arizona (T6 BB)

Mutsu (T6 BB)

Dunkerque (T6 BB)

Huanghe (T6 CA)

Perth (T6 CA)

Graf Spee (T6 CA)

Molotov (T6 CA)

T-61 (T6 DD)


1x WoWs VIP bonus code BLACK – Signed by Dasha!

(contains 1x Tirpitz Black + 1x Massachusetts Black + 1x Atago Black + 1x Asashio Black + 4 Captains with 10 skill points each

 + 30 days Warships premium)


1x WoWs VIP bonus code with 3 ships – Signed by Dasha!

(contains 1x Irian + 1x Z-39 + 1x West Virginia 41 + 3 Captains with 10 skill points each + 30 days Warships premium + 25 "Victory Salute" camos)


1x WoWs VIP bonus code with 3 ships – Signed by Sabaton!

(contains 1x Irian + 1x Z-39 + 1x West Virginia 41 + 3 Captains with 10 skill points each + 30 days Warships premium + 25 "Victory Salute" camos)


4x WoWs VIP bonus code Tirpitz/Atlanta – Signed by Dasha!

(contains 1x Tirpitz + 1x Atlanta + 5000 doubloons + 30 days Warships premium + 1 community flag + 100 "Community" camos)


1x Bismarck poster – Signed by Sabaton!



For World of Tanks:


1x WoT VIP bonus code Primo Victoria – Signed by Pär (Sabaton)!

(contains 1x Primo Victoria + 5000 gold + 30 days Wargaming premium)


HWK 30 (T8 LT)

VK75.01 (K) (T8 HT)

Panther/M10 (T7 SMM MT)

Dicker Max (T6 TD)

1x 30 days Wargaming premium

3x 7 days Wargaming premium



By KSM Anime:


5x Arpeggio of Blue Steel Collection (Blue-ray)

(contains Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Complete Edition (12 Folgen) + Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova DC + Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Cadenza)



By brand and heist:


5 x one game of choice*!

*the choices are:
CoD MW 2019

Planet Zoo Deluxe

NFS Heat

Red Dead Redemption 2

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order



Important information for all raffles:

The legal process is excluded.

All winners agree to forward their addresses to me and my team in case of physical winnings.



That doesn't leave me much to say, except that I am extremely happy about your appearance and that together, we will surely have an unforgettable donation event!
And remember: Every cent counts!

Lovely wishes!

Your team Pingu





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I'd like to join in, but sadly I have errands to run this saturday (Christmas shopping and all that).

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9 hours ago, LOZFFVII said:

I'd like to join in, but sadly I have errands to run this saturday (Christmas shopping and all that).

That's some intense shopping if it takes 24h straight. 🎅🎁

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2,703 posts
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14 hours ago, ThePurpleSmurf said:

That's some intense shopping if it takes 24h straight. 🎅🎁

It's not just Christmas shopping, it also includes spending a few hours with my Grandma who was moved into a home in the last year, sorting out various affairs (private), eating and sleeping and all that jazz.

Basically I'm just not going to be available for most of the day. Also I only speak English, so there would be no point checking out the stream when there's a German-language streamer on there.

I might be able to time myself to be able to watch for Jingles and Flamu, but even then not for very long.

Also, I will admit that I only skimmed this on first glance and assumed we could join in if we were playing WoWS, but I'm basically going to be away from my PC all day tomorrow.

I will try to find a moment to donate but the link provided above was just for the 'betterplace' website, with no specific page for this fundraiser.

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Thank you so much for being awesome!

The charity event is officially over and this is the result:



You are awesome!

See you guys next year.

Team Pingu

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