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Hello, folks,

here is second Q+A digest from KGB. Enjoy!


1  Carriers and planes


1.1  Q: It has been asked if Airplanes can kamikaze into warships, but should a carrier not want to recover his Airplanes can you simply let them run out of fuel and die? Let's say the situation called for it because the carrier did not wish the enemy to follow his airplanes back straight to his carrier if they were bombers. Adding to that, when an airplane runs out of fuel (or is shot down) and it falls from the sky and strikes a ship how much damage would it do?



A: Player can cancel the autoreturning order for planes. When plane is out of fuel it falls from the sky. The damage it can deal is not great – the bomb is much more efficient way to make damage.



1.2  Q: Would we be able to control how the planes attack their opponents? (example) so they can drop their Torpedoes on the Port and Starboard bow of a ship to give them little to no space to maneuver? Or will they attack how they see fit?


A: It is still to be decided



1.3  Q: How will you manage Pilots as crew? Can you have X number of Crew slots open for pilots (Each pilot representing a wing when you deploy it) or will you simply have 1 Pilot Space for each type of Aircraft?





A: It is still to be decided



1.4  Q: When deploying Aircraft from CVs will you be able to deploy shorter wings at a quicker rate? For exampe, if the Shukaku can deploy 8 aircraft at a time, would it be quicker to deploy 2 wings of 4  rather than a single wing  of 8? I ask this since you have hinted previously that the flight wing controls would be reminiscent of NF



A: Yes, smaller wings can be deployed faster.


2  Ships and weapons


2.1  Q: Will we have different FCS to choose from? Say some which give you longer spotting range but worse spread or short spotting range with good spread?


A: There will be  different FCS, but FCS will not have any influence on spread, because spread is the charecteristic of barrels of guns and guns mount.


2.2  Q: On the subject of Ship Customization will you be able to alter the density of the armour in different parts of the ship as long as you ensure it remains at the same displacement? Such as taking some armour off the bulge and putting it on the Deck/Belt? I don't think this has been addressed fully yet.


A: You cannot alter the density of armor, because armor is a part of hull of a ship.


2.3  Q: How will flooding of the ship work can you affect the ship repairs and damage control so you can stay in the fight a bit longer?


A: Ship with critical flooding will sink, and nothing can help it to be afloat. Even if it will still have some HP left.


2.4  Q: will the ships that dident have a radar have its as a thing you can research and equip, maybe the ships whitout has no mini map?


A: We will not turn the minimap off for the ships with no radar mounted.

Players will be able to upgrade ships with presets and some radars will possibly appear.


2.5  Q: Will you be able to decide crew focus on your ship? As in, focusing on Damage Controll to repair ship dmg / put out fire's and leaks. Offensive Focus for better reload and accuracy. Navigation focus, for better manuverbility and speed, Defensive focus for better AA and ability to withstand impacts better. Just as some rough examples. This would help, but also cripple your ship in different tasks.


A: No, you won’t be able to crew focus. Crew system will be close to WoT.


2.6  Q: Will there be various types of torpedoes in the game, with differing capabilities? For instance, differences in range/speed, magnetic abilities, and electric (wakeless) torpedoes?


A: Yes, there will be different torpedoes in game.


3  General issues


3.1  Q: Is it possible for the ships to use mines?



A: No. Mines were usually not used as a tactical weapon, their deployment required extensive time and resources.


3.2  Q: And will ships gain a Random Serial when Commissioned/bought such as DD-567 or CV-380 etc.



A: No. for more details re. ship names/designations check 3.9 and 3.10.


3.3  Q. Physics - will it be applied on ships or we will have simplified behavior like in WoT now?


A: It is already applied. We cannot make good naval game without physics.



3.4  Q: Will there be support for multiple displays? WoT and WoWp don't really have a need for these things, but I think this can greatly benefit from it, especially when playing hybrids, being able to have good overview of whats happening with the top down view on one screen and the normal view on the other, or something along these lines. If not for release, might this be something that'll be considered for post-release?


A: Maybe someday after release.



3.5  Q: For clan wars could we expect to see isles with Emplacements strategically located? I was thinking of, for example Shogun 2 Naval emplacements where a team could capture emplacements to harass the enemy.


A: Clan wars features are still to be decided



3.6  Q: Can we expect weapon emplacements like the ones in Warplanes during Random Battles? (Coastal artillery, coastal targets...)


A: That is possible, still in consideration.



3.7  Q: What kind of Crew abilities will we be able to expect? Not in details, but in rough manner.


A: We didn’t come to conclusion for Crew abilities by ourselves right now. We will keep you informed in the future.



3.8  Q: Will ships belonging to non major nations possibly be included as premium ships? (Examples could be the Dutch Eendracht class cruiser, Spanish Espana class battleship, Austro-Hungarian Tegethoff class battleship and more). I expect that these could be a good source of income for people that want to have a bit of fun in ships reflecting their own nations :P


A: We are planning to add a „Small naval nations“ combined tree some months (years?) after release, it would be a similar conceptr to planned World of Tanks "Small European nations" tech tree.



3.9  Q: I have read before that we can name our own ships, will these names be somehow visible on the ships?


A: You will be able to choose between sistership names. Maybe there will be also an option to use your own name for gold and with premoderation. Showing names in game directly on the ships would be challenging due to scale of the models and textures.



3.10  Q: Will ship names be unique or can multiple users have the same name?


A: Given the number of players expected, there will hardly be unique names.


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View Postkelly0101, on 11 September 2012 - 12:09 PM, said:

unwrap ALL the presents!

Ah man, you took my job! I mean Sentance!

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Devs the crew cannot possible be close to this of WoT.A ship can carry more than 400 crew members how will we handle all these people?

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Answered before - you will be training officers, who will of course be responsible for the operation of their subordinates :Smile_honoring:

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Sorry  for  reasking but how many officers ?Also i suggest to add WoWarplanes some maps in order to play with us from the aircraft carriers.

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