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Is the following GRIND for Porto Rico TRUE ???

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FROM Reddit post

Here are all the New Year Directives -- Week 7 isn't the only ridiculous week


Week 1 (Complete 6, T5+)

- 165k fire damage

- 100 fires or citadel hits

- 40 defend/cap/cap assists

- destroy 65 ships

- 2.3m potential damage

- 12m credits

- (4 missions) 4m credits in each ship type

- 1.8m credits in Gorizia

- 500k damage in Gorizia

- 5000 base exp in Gorizia


Week 2 (Complete 6, T5+)

- destroy 90 ships

- 150 citadels, fires, floods, or torpedo hits

- 5.6m damage

- 36m potential damage

- 85k BASE exp

- shoot down 300 planes

- 400k exp

- (4 missions) 135k exp in each ship type

- 15 citadels in Gorizia

- 400 main battery hits in Gorizia

- 60k exp in Gorizia

- 2.4m credits in Gorizia


Week 3 (Complete 5, T5+)

- destroy 72 ships

- 130 citadels or torpedo hits

- 4500 secondary hits

- 320k exp

- 105k BASE exp

- (4 missions) 48k BASE exp in each ship type *(what the [edited])*

- destroy 22 ships in Gorizia

- 4m credits in Gorizia

- 750k damage in Gorizia

- 100k commander exp in Gorizia


Week 4 (Complete 5, T5+) This one is called "Here comes fun!" by the way... *kill me*

- 9.3m damage

- 950k exp

- (8 missions) 27k base exp in each of the main nations

- 14.5k base exp in Commonwealth, European, and Pan-American ships

(averaged out over the week, this is more than 10 games a day...)


Week 5 (Complete 5, T5+)

- 20,202,020 credits

- 150k BASE exp

- 47m potential damage in IJN, Italian, and Pan-American Cruisers

- 1,700 main battery hits in IJN and French BBs

- 200 fires or floodings in IJN and Pan-Asian DDs

- 350k exp in CVs

- 47m potential damage in American, German, and Pan-Asian Cruisers

- 4.5m damage in American, British, and Italian BBs

- 50k BASE exp in American, Soviet, and European Dds

- 30k BASE exp in Commonwealth ships


Week 6 (Complete 5, T5+)

- 20,202,020 credits

- 150k BASE exp

- 350k exp in Soviet and British Cruisers

- 130 citadel hits in Soviet, Japanese, and Italian BBs

- 7,000 main battery hits in Soviet, Pan-Asian, and European DDs

- 2,700 torp, rocket, or bomb hits in CVs

- 230 torpedo hits or citadels

- 7,200 secondary hits with German and American BBs

- 50k BASE exp in German and French DDs

- 25k BASE exp in Pan-American ships


Week 7 (Complete ??, T8+)

- 20,202,020 credits in T10 ships

- 1.1m exp

- (3 missions) 350k exp in (British and Italian Cruisers), (British and American BBs), (British and Pan-Asian DDs)

- (4 missions) 350k free exp in (CVs) (French and Japanese Cruisers), (French and German BBs), (French and Soviet DDs)

- 580k commander exp in European ships

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1 hour ago, Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu said:

Some of these seem excessive, they may have been datamined from pts and are not final?

Sadly they are all true.

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36 minutes ago, _BigRed__ said:


Yeah, all 7 are impossible for me, without family, christmas and new year. I hate hardcore grinds like that but i try it in relaxed mode.

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naah its not gonna do that, people arent forced to get the ship, you can skip this ship..and play the game like normal. For those of us that cant pay for upgrades with doubloons this will most likely be the case.

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1 hour ago, Astolfo_Is_My_Waifu said:

I'll believe it when I see it.

It's already live on other servers but sure... in few hours it will come on the EU server as well.


Brace yourself.

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It's a joke. I can't believe that's really directive. It's impossible. Wargaming wake up it's christmas time

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I am very happy they did it this way. At least from the very beginning I know that the ammount of grind is too absurd to even try. It is far better than to grinf hard for ca 30 days, spend dubloons/money and at the past days find out that I have to spend substantial sum of money or I miss the target. We all should be grateful that instead playing for many hours every day, we spend this time with family. Instead spending money on this game we buy somebody a nice X-mass gift. Also we will avoid playing this extremely low quality games and we have a chance to reamain sane still. So we all should say big THANK YOU to WG and make a break from the game. It may happen, that we find more realxing way to spend our free time and never be back...

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