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4v4v4 sprint battles season

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4v4v4 Sprint Battles 

My idea for ranked battleswe all know what a pain it can be to go into a battle with bunch of random people not knowing what they will do and with little to none coordination 

Why not have a 4v4v4 sprint battles season where division of 4 teammates gather up and go into a battle well coordinated each knowing what their role is. 


Epicenter mode(king of the hill): 

  • 1 cap in the middle of the map. 
  • Each team starts in their own corner. 
  • Hard cap to 1 Battleship and 1 destroyer per team. 
  • Battles would be played at Tier 9. 



Division of 4  teammates (meaning no random people) 

  • People you know that play good so you can play as a team and not as an individual where you hope the rest of the team will be competent. 


Post battle rewards: 

  • 1st team gets a star. 
  • 2nd team keeps a star. 
  • 3rd team looses a star. 


Sprint season ranks: 

Like in sprint from rank 10 to rank 1. 

  • Rank 10: 3 stars. 
  • Rank 9: 3 stars. 
  • Rank 8: 3 stars (irrevocable). 
  • Rank 7: 4 stars. 
  • Rank 6: 4 stars. 
  • Rank 5: 5 stars (irrevocable). 
  • Rank 4: 5 stars. 
  • Rank 3: 6 stars. 
  • Rank 2: 6 stars. 
  • Rank 1: 6 stars (irrevocable). 



  • Classic sprint rewards for now



  • Bad 2

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I have a feeling someting in this regard is already considered by wg, the savage battles and twilight battles might have been a test...

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ranked is for individuals.


1 st overall player get a star

1 st players on the others teams save a star

the rest get a mouth full of salt water.

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The idea is fine on paper but it would alienate as much as half the playerbase who don't have friends who play to division up with, or are perhaps not in a competitive clan and thus no way to find a team.

For a season of clan battle then yes, no problem, but for Ranked, it's just a little discriminatory. 

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