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English Speaking Clan Required.

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Having been part of the same community for over a decade, I have gotten fed up of the bullying and picking on that certain members seem to do, I have decided that I need a change to a more understanding clan.


What I am after is an English speaking clan that does not worry about being over committee, having fun, regardless of people stats.


Yes my stats suck BUT I am getting better as a whole (my average XP is getting higher).


A few things about me:

I am from England.

I am a work-a-holic.

I have aspergers (so everything is black and white to me with no grey areas - so yes I take things very personally).

I own nearly 300 games on Steam, 50 games on Origin, I also play Armoured Warfare, as well as WOWS and WOT (yes I have put my stats links into WOWS and WOT).



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If you're still looking NSVE has vacancies, very casual clan, we just like to have fun with Naval Battles once a week, rest of the time is just casual play.

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Greetings Brucey79,


We are In Venatus Domus (In the gamer house), a group of people who like to enjoy themselves with playing world of warships and other games.

We are part of a community (In venatus domus, who not only play WOWS but also other games) that is accesible for everybody who loves to play games!


Wat can we offer you?

- Experienced players (4+ years in WOWS)

- A learning experience

- A fun, active and brotherhood experience

- An active clan with people who like to play with one another

- A clan base with all ship and captain upgrades, 2 coal and 1 steel upgrade


What do we ask?

- A working mic and willing to use it in discord

- Participation in division play

We will also play a few rounds with you before you join the clan to see if you are a fit for our clan.


Yes, we also have a few rules

- No discord usage is a kick

- No division play is a kick

- Toxic game play and drama are a kick

(off course all will be reviewed by the clan)


If you are interested follow this Discord link to join the community and clan! 

Hope to see you soon ! :Smile_honoring:




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