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Hello and welcome once again everyone, It's no secret my favourite class in world of warships is the destroyer. After quite a few battleship games on my channel it's time to return to some classic destroyer gameplay.
Today's video features a textbook demonstration on how to play American destroyers in this case the tier 5 USS Nicholas. I've included the full ship build with captain skills after the main highlights, the time stamp can be found near the start of the video.
I hope you all enjoy the highlights where our featured captain really goes on the rampage showing you don't need a tier 10 premium ship to do massive damage and get all the kills. Until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7



My YouTube Channel link once again is Carbine Carlito


 I hope you feel free to drop by check out this and some of my other videos  and Good Luck and fair seas to you all.

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