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battlecruisers are 45 seconds, bb's 1 min...

"Damage dealt by each instance of fire on a ship is fixed as 0.3% of its total health pool per fire per second (0.4% for aircraft carriers). Each fire has a base duration of 60 seconds for battleships, 30 seconds for cruisers and destroyers, and 5 seconds for aircraft carriers. A fire that is allowed to burn for the full duration will consume 18% (0.3% x 60 sec.) of a battleship's maximum health, 9% of a cruiser's or destroyer's maximum health, and 2% (0.4% x 5 sec.) of a carrier's.

There are exceptions to the above fire duration for cruisers, the large cruisers: Tier VI Admiral Graf Spee and HSF Admiral Graf Spee have a base fire duration of 45 seconds; Tier IX Kronshtadt, Alaska, and Azuma and Tier X Stalingrad and Yoshino have a base fire duration of 60 seconds. Maximum fire damage is thus 13.5% (0.3% x 45 sec.) for the German Tier VI, and 18% (0.3% x 60 sec.) for the Tier IX and X."

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