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I'm looking for clan

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My nick: _Sir_noob



Battles: 2000


Preferred type of ships: BB, CA, DD


Preferred tiers: 7-10


My statistics : https://wows-numbers.com/player/558420220,_Sir_noob/


Preferred communicators: only Discord


My X tiers:
- Minutaur - 173 battles, AVG DMG 100k
- Kremlin - 106 battles, AVG DMG 108k
- Republique - 135 battles, AVG DMG 122k
- Harugumo - 1 battle (new X tier), AVG DMG 122k


About me:

Hi, I'm Chris from Poland. I'm looking for clan where I can sail with player have similar or better skill than me on next clan wars. Now I'm on BIMBR (polish clan) Why I don't look for clan on Polish forum? Ehh..it's long story, but I want to develop my English language, because I recently had contact with english in college four or five years ago and I would not like to forget him. I want play divisions and clan battles for time to time. If you have some offer for me, please send me in the game.

See ya!

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Hi _Sir_noob,


The BBMM clan is always on the lookout for new members to add to our wonderful group, and today it seems you are waving around for attention.

Surely then, let me tell something about us!


We're a clan from all over Europe, who are pretty active in CBs, operations, divisions, etc. We have a very active discord community for various gaming titles, where we also organise fun activities such as social nights, contests, giveaways and much more.

Our naval base is pretty extended, so many benefits there too.

We have a focus on being a nice & social clan, but our CBs team is slowly starting to become more competitive- in a good way.

As for CBs, we're always cool with members who have at least 1 cruiser or DD at tier X- and then preferably the standard options of course, but you'd be familiar with that.


Join our discord  https://discord.gg/mezA43q , so you can drop by for a personal chat with one of our recruiters if you like :)

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask!


Consider this an invitation should you wish to join, if you apply we'll sort you out.


Grtz Mr_Edge_

Beer Belly Master Mindz



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You are welcome to try out our place. We are former GOLD and -CIA- clan members merged together. Now called CKBK (Cheeeki Breeeki).

Currently in Typhoon league, going for Hurricane hopefully. Join our discord if you wanna have a chat.


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Greetings captain,


We are In Venatus Domus, a group of people on the EU server who like to enjoy themselves with playing world of warships and other games.

We are part of a community (In venatus domus, who not only play WOWS but also other games) that is accesible for everybody who loves to play games!

Wat can we offer you?

- Experienced players (4+ years in WOWS)
- A learning experience
- A fun, active and brotherhood experience
- An active clan with people who like to play with one another
- A clan base with all ship and captain upgrades, 2 coal and 1 steel upgrade

What do we ask?

- A working mic and willing to use it in discord
- Participation in division play
- Growing mindset

We have a few stat requirements (which are debatable as long as you are willing to learn and have fun).

- Win Rate: 48%
- Personal Rating: 900
- minimum amount of battles: 500

We will also play a few rounds with you before you join the clan to see if you are a fit for our clan.

Yes, we also have a few rules

- No discord usage is a kick
- No division play is a kick
- Toxic game play and drama are a kick

(off course all will be reviewed by the clan)

If you are interested follow this Discord link (https://discord.gg/YXDjRPP) to join the community and clan!

Hope to see you soon captain!



Mike on behalve of the In Venatus Domus leadership

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