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Public test 0.8.11 Autumn season Personal combat mission

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Yesterday I finished Personal combat mission No.3 of Autumn season at Public test 0.8.11.


Since I already finished the previous two combat missions of Autumn season at Public test 0.8.10 and Public test 0.8.9, I now expect to get the container with premium tier 6 ship as a final reward of Autumn season once 0.8.11 gets to live server.


But when I logged in to a public test today something strange happened?!

Yesterday, after I finished Personal combat mission No.3, there was nothing left to do under the personal assignments section but today there is Personal combat mission No.1 - first of 3 missions from Autumn season and one I already finished a long time ago on Public test 0.8.10?!


How? Why???

I already did that!

Do I have to do all over again to get the prize?!

I don't want to do it again, I deserved my prize!

Is this normal/some bug?


Can someone from World of Warship staff please clear this confusion?



autumn season 3.jpg

autumn season 1 unfinished.jpg

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