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Tactical incentives and player improvement

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Right. We (as in ppl of the forum) are all too familiar with less than ideal teammates. The vast majority of players will never look beyond the game to improve. What makes this worse is the game incentivises bad play.


In a loss, an experience probably reasonably common to a bad player. You receive more exp for sitting at the back and sniping damage than you do pushing for a cap or zoning out a dd, things that will actually win you a game. I think this is why we have such a raft of less than ideal players at tier 10, not only is it the meta, players have been conditioned to play the game in the most nonsensical and cowardly way possible.


Going first in randoms is punished in terms of rewards, pushing is punished. The best way to guarantee a long credit filled game for a lot of ships is to be afk for 3 minutes at the start. Am I wrong?


I'm sure for a lot of you I am stating the bleeding obvious. But hey I felt like saying it all the same. I just can't help but think until the exp and credit earning rewards good play instead of passive play the experience will never improve.  

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I think the game is fine if we don’t look at the flatdecks. 

Going first is not being punished, but rewarded. That is how u get good PR, maximum farm. Passive play can be good play; for the gut winrate.


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