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USS Batfish support only available on NA?

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Dear Wargaming

Your WOWS NA has a campaign going to help restore the USS Batfish (SS-310) where the players can purchase a bundle in the premium store for  10$ US and the players receives signals and USS Batfish patch for their help:


I would love this campaign to be extended to the EU server as well if possible.
Is this something that can be done?

Also I am not sure if this is the right subforum for this topic so please move if needed.


Best wishes.

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This is not the first time WG denied other server regions to take part in such an offer. 

And while a US Sub ain't really something the average Joe on EU, CIS or ASIA will give a toss about, there are actually quite a few players who like the history of these war boats.

And the historical aspect was, what drew quite a few of us/them into playing WoWS/WoT/WoWP in the first place.  


It's not like WG would lose any money by offering the same package in other regions premium shops.

Although, there may or may not be Tax related concerns, but then, when pressured the last time with the Texas and Veterans thingy, WG did in fact made those offers available on EU (at least).

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I'm not really into subs, but yeah, as a EU inhabitant I would certainly have an interest if such an event would be held involving Iowa, North Carolina, Massachusets or another foreign battleship or cruiser. But WG still being WG and still denies other regions the same treatment in these instances. @Crysantos All of the Ru, As, Eu and Na players are enjoying and loving ships from every different nation (including my Netherlands) and replaying different scenarios of battles of yesteryear from all over the world. So why does the WG events people still treat the players of all different servers like unequals? Why can we enjoy all these online nation specific things why offline we are treated seperately? Is it so hard for the EU team to host events held for the other servers? Do the WG brass suddenly think we have no connection with ships or other war/freedom related happening in other nations? I never understood that from Wargaming. That internet connection speed demands different servers I can understand, but because of these servers you have to treat all of your playerbase/customers differently, I can't fathom, certainly not because a part of what WG seemingly wants to do with WoWs is bring all the fans and lovers of warships from all over the world together. I mean all the video content depicting the historic battles and give information about the ships can't be only to rake in the coin, right? 

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