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Amalfi games apparently don't count for the Regia Marina Emblem

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1. Upon inspecting my different Emblems, I have found that the Regia Marina Emblem, being rewarded for winning as one of the teams top 3 XP earners, does not have any progress counted towards it.

I was able to confirm having at least one such win via a screenshot on my harddrive, winning a game as the teams top XP earner, dated to the 13th of November.

After talking to my clan, I was informed that only players who had played Venezia after having unclocked it with the use of Free XP have any progress counted towards the mentioned emblem.

It would appear as if the counter does not properly count wins in Amalfi, possibly also Brindisi, however with noone having played the latter, no definitive statement about the counters functionality in that regard can be made.


2. Inspect the counter towards the progress of your Regia Marina Emblem after having confirmed wins as one of the winning teams top 3 XP earners in a T8 or higher ship.


3. The counter does not appear to gain any points from requirement meeting games in Amalfi.


4. The counter should track the specified wins in Amalfi.


Screenshots attached:

1. Indication of a game having met the requirement for the Emblem.

2. Image of the counter having no progress towards it.




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