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Graphical bug

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EDIT: after a few games and restarts it seems to have fixed itself..



I've just downloaded the game through steam and made a new account. In my first battle I noticed a small bug when aiming (zooming): on the corners of the screen there were small coloured polygons as if there was some kind of issue with some textures.
I kept playing, but during my second battle the issue became a problem since the bug showed up more often and covering a large portion of my screen. I tried lowering the graphic settings for the next battle, but it didn't make any difference.


I used to play the game without steam on an older computer, without this kind of issue. I've been playing some other large games on this machine without any issue.

Platform: Steam

Operating System: macOS Catalina v10.15.1

Memory: 16GB 2400 MHz DDR4

Hardware: standard iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017


Here's two screenshots from my last battle. The pink one is an example while aiming, the red one fully zoomed out. While moving around, changing speed or aiming, the polygons sometimes change shape and color, or disappear completely.





Any suggestion on how to fix it?



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The best way to solve this bug, is by reporting this to the Wargaming Customer Support Team.


You can find a guide to report bugs on this topic


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