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-G0M- Game of Moans is looking for you

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-G0M- members like to think of ourselves as semi-competitive and are looking for like-minded individuals to join our ranks. We are looking for you if 1) you are 18 years of age or older 2) you are comfortable using voice comms and commit to being on Discord while in-game 3) you have played at least 2000 games and have ground out at least one non-CV line to T10 4) you have an overall win rate of at least 50% 5) you have a wows-numbers overall PR rating of at least 1000


Please use the in-game clan invites/applications feature to apply to join us on the high seas!


Alternatively, if you would like to check us out before applying to join please PM mrblueskye, T3ddybear, Bigtoe50, Onis04, Pangotank or Sapiento for an invite to our Discord.

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First of all, that clan name is awesome, love it! :cap_like:

Also some familiar names in that clan, from waaaay waaay back when i first started playing. Brings back memories.

All the best lads, see you out there :Smile_honoring:

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