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[RYLNV] Seeking Active Members for Clan Battles

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What is [RYLNV]?


[RYLNV] is a clan and gaming community of multi national like minded individuals who enjoy playing World of Warships (and also other games) and also enjoy having fun, Sounds like a Win - Win Right ?


What are the requirements to join us?


18+ Only (We will not take in anyone under this age, sorry)

English Speaking (do not worry if you think your English may be bad)

Have Teamspeak installed and have a headset/microphone
Have at least two competetive tier X ships for clan battles
50% winrate overall
1200 average xp per battle
Be an active member through the week / weekends
And last but not least have a sense of humour.............(this is a must)

If you cannot fulfill the requirements above but can compensate do not hesitate to contact us, from time to time we can cater for most individuals.


What can [RYLNV] offer you?


Access to all our clan bonuses which are:

Dry Dock : -10% to post battle service costs

Research Center : +3% to XP on ships of all tiers

Design Bereau : +20% Free XP per battle on ships of all tiers

Coal Port : +7% Coal that you receive

Shipbuilding Yard : -15% to the cost of researchable ships of all tiers

Academy : +10% to Commander XP per battle

Steel Port : +10% Steel that you receive

Lot of fun
Clan battles

Group up on Divisions
Nice and Chilled atmosphere

Interested in joining us? Then either get back to ourselves on this thread or give one of us a message ingame ( Ice_Marine or Royal___Navy )

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