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Can't install the game

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Sorry for posting it here, I would normally send a ticket to Support but i can't and here's why.


I can't install the game because everytime i try to do it i get the message "Can't install the game, check your internet connection and try again (2005)"

And because the game is not installed, I can't get a WgCheck on it. I tried to do it and believe me there's no app to pick in WOWS local files.

In order to send a ticket to support you need to attach a WgCheck file which I have no way of getting as explained above.

Right now I'm living in a student dorm and using their internet connection so i guess this might be connected to the problem but I doubt that as updating World of Tanks goes smoothly every time I do it.


I'll attach a screenshot of Wargaming.net Center with the error (it's in polish as I am in fact from Poland but i think it's not that hard to see what's in the picture).

Sorry for the chaotic post, didn't have much time to think how to put it and i really want it solved.


Thanks for any help


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