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M_OB (Men OverBoard) Recruiting

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We are recruiting, specifically looking for players who are interested in taking part in Clan Battles.

Successful applicants should have a Win Rate of at least 50% to be considered.


M_OB is a friendly, European clan, catering for casual/semi-hardcore players.


We welcome players from all European countries.


We have simple but clear requirements for joining:


·        You must be 18+ years old.

·        Be sociable, friendly and willing to division up. You should also be able to communicate in English (does not have to be perfect).

·        We expect you to have a microphone and use our Discord server for playing with others in the community.

·        We expect you to have a basic understanding of the game (we will look at your stats on wows-numbers; you will require a win rate of 50% minimum to be successful.

         If your WR is below 50% you will need to improve before applying). 

·        We require that you have at least one tier 10 ship (or close to it). 

·        No Racism.

·        We will NOT tolerate abuse of clan members, but a bit of salt never hurt anyone.


We understand if you can’t play all the time or want to do your own thing occasionally.

We do not have structured weekly events that we expect you to take part in although we do expect you to enable your Naval Battles whenever you're online when the event is active.


We are interested in players that want to enjoy World of Warships when able; working together, socialising and improving the chance of winning a battle.

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