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One more YEAR that WG ignores the 1st victory over the Axis forces.

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Another year that WG refuses to create a 28th October celebration ship to memorise the Greece's contribution in WW2 that ACTUALLY saved Soviet Unin because it delayed the German invasion for more than 3 months.

That delay was necesary because Greeks defeated the massive Italian forces.


There are numerus candidates for a celebration ships but the King George Destroyer is better fitted.


It has a British hull and deck structure similar of those WG uses for tier 6 British Destroyers but with german guns on the main gun turrets instead of the smaller british ones and 4 single 37mm AA german guns and 4 german machine guns with 2x4 british 8km range Torpedos. All the models needed for that hybrid are already in use and in game. That hybrid will have slightly better AA proection that the british tier 6 Destroyers and heavier german guns.

WG made alot of Legends videos but Greek real naval legends like Averof and the Destroyer Adrias that has the WORLD RECORD of traveling back to base without its bow still missing.

WG? Is the modern Russian policy against Greece makes you ignore Greece's contribution of Greece?

28th Oct is officialy -since yesterday- an OFFICIAL VICTORY day for USA thanks to this Greek!



Greeks fought to defend their FILOTIMO. What that means explained here:


So how long WG will IGNORE Greece? Does the Pravda 29th Oct 1940 that congratulated Mousolini for his invasion to Greece creates quilts to developers?

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