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Potential damage/tanking

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Do we get points for potential damage or damage taken/tanked?


If we do, could we raise that score?


Cause at the moment you can spend a lot of time attracting attention, building up potential damage, and it's still the rest of the team running off with the points eventhough you were the "reason for it" by dodging fire for the team, making it feel a bit unfair.

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Yes but very little. 

You can brawl in GK against 3-4 ships and sink them with 100k secondary damage + 100k normal damage and the camper Yamato that has been sitting max range behind islands and outlives you can outscore you easily.

Same goes for spotting. DD in ranked has to kill 2 other DDs and cap twice to outscore a camper BB in the rear that was the cause of your teams loss.


Score should be based on a combination of potential damage, spotting and real damage. 200k damage but no tanking should be -50% score minimum. Get a good mix of tanking and damage and you are on the top. 

Proximity to enemy should also be taken into account in score.

This has been talked about years back. Only a very minor change was made.

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