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How to Henri IV?

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I simply cannot wrap my head around her, or the earlier French cruisers for that matter...


I'm trying long range, but she seem rather inaccurate (compared to my Atago that is), and the loading time seems rather long for that type of engagement where you'll want to pour some good HE shells onto ships...


Close range.... I'm not sure, hate dying in vain :)


Any tips?


I know she's not the sneak and peak as the DM, or the hide and pour like Worchester, or the British counterpart.... What is she exactly?

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9 minutes ago, Skurfa said:

. What is she exactly?

A Killer if you know how to play her, A pain in the Jacksee if you dont know how to player her, and a massive debate on how you play her. Total drama all around.


Reputed as The Most non team play Selfish Cruiser in the game.







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