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[FFS] Hans, Where's Your Papiren? is recruiting

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Kapitans! [FFS] Hans, Where's Your Papiren? is recruiting ! ! !
Firstly our discord is open to everyone you do not need to be a member to play with us, so click the button now DO EET !! DO EEET NOW :flambaLUL:http://discord.gg/PrDeXxM
About us: We are an active community of World of Warships EU players who found our division mates from predominantly Twitch streams of you know who :flambaHans:. We actively engage in clan battles each season and we are looking to get enough players to field both an alpha team and bravo team at the same time. We maintain a Storm I rating in CB. We usually division every night with players spread across the world so finding a division is usually easy. From try harding to doing utterly stupid crap we do it all.
If you wish to join the clan please make sure this is known in the clan discord #clan-applications channel and drop us an application over in-game as well. We will generally respond within a few days. We operate on a probation system.
Joining Requirements:
1. Owning and using a mic is compulsory.
2. You should speak some english.(we need to be able to communicate)
3. No flaming or raging or disrespectful behaviour in in-game chat.
4. Make a post about your wish to join in #clan-applications, and send us a request in-game.
5. Team damage is frowned upon,
 What we offer:
1. A very good fully user customizable discord made for both clan members and friends of the clan.
2. A lot of speshuuul people and the speshuuulness that goes along with it.
3. An active community that divisions almost everyday.
4. A relatively high up clan base and participation in clan battles.

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