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So I'm wondering what real life ammunition types IFHE & SAP are trying to simulate? Following on from that if the rest of the IFHE change ever goes live how different will the new IFHE and SAP actually be? 

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IFHE simulates the use of an inertia mechanism in a shells fuse, design to improve the reliability of a shell arming upon grazing contact with an object where a direct contact only fuse might fail to arm the shell.


SAP simulates the Semi Armor Piercing shell, a concept where a shell can be modified by means such as reducing its fuse delay, to reduce its penetrative capacity and prevent a shell from overpenetrating a target.


The IFHE changes are designed to enable cruiser to penetrate each other without needing IFHE (making play slightly less difficult for CLs who don't have IFHE yet) while also increasing the drawbacks of IFHE as some CLs could take IFHE to significantly increase their HE DPM with only minimal impact to their fire chance.


Since no ship that uses SAP also has HE there's not really any implications on SAP using ships as a result of the IFHE changes and none of the armor changes have any impact on SAP performance either.


SAP will continue to act more like an AP shell with a static penetration value and good penetration angles, HE shells even with IFHE will continue to have some fire starting ability and much lower penetration than SAP for their calibre, so I would say they will still be quite different. Although the fire chance nerf is quite universal for ships that use IFHE, the actual penetration changes affects only a short list of ships.

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