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What are the best setting to get the best out of the game?


Thing I have just set up a new monitor,widescreen, full HD, etc etc, but whilst messing around with settings, coming across words such as antialiasing, tbh I have no idea what it means, now the screen is up and running etc,the motion of ships,tried out in co op,seems a tad jerky.


Also, why is it that to exit the game I now have to use task manager,this has only been an issue since the last update and I have run the check and repair and no faults were found anywhere



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This depends heavily on your hardware. I'd turn off "Reduce GUI refresh rate" and ofc "reduced fire and..." and see what FPS you get (e.g. in Co-Op-Games). 

For the taskmanager-issue there is: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/hot-issues/27005/

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