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black screen

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Hello Guys..

I have little problem. today when i start game i have black screen. i cant see ship in port. i can see everithing other like missions , inventory , tech tree without any problems. but i dont see ship. when i enter the battle ist the same. i can see the UI but no wather no ship just black. any idea how to solve this please ? edit: i dont have any mods. earlier today game works fine

Thank you all for tips.


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          I've moved your thread to the correct sub-forum. Thank you.


Regarding your issue I'll ask you to do these three things:

  1. Run an integrity check of the game. You can do so in the WarGaming Center by clicking on "Game Settings" and then clicking on "Check and Repair".
  2. Create a WGCheck report and then contact WoWS support, they'll be happy to find the cause and help you fix it.
  3. Check your current drivers and GPU-related software are up to date.

You'll find how to create WGCheck reports and the link to contact and submit a ticket to support here.


Hope these options will offer a solution.


Kind regards,



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