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Radar against RN CLs

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I got to tier 9 for the RN CL line recently and since reaching the Neptune I think I can safely say that I have no idea how to deal with radar. I saw it sparingly at tier 8 and even more so at tier 7, so I haven't really had to deal with it. I understand having an escape path and staying off a cap if you aren't sure whether you can and can't cap, but its all thrown out the window when someone presses their Radar, completely exposing me and what is arguably one of the easiest citadels to hit in the game. I was on Hotspot on I think it was C cap, not on it but just to the north, near an Island I could duck into. I saw an Iowa and a Missouri so i was aware that I would have to move soon. I got spotted and started moving off. At that point I lost half my health. Yknow RN heal so I can survive that. Then I see my PT go from 2 to 6 and at that point I'm dead. I get that WG made it so radar does give you a chance to move, but the problem is that even tho it only shows a silhouette on the minimap that doesn't mean they can't hit you. You can just line the circle up and its the same as it was Pre-patch. I'm just not really sure how to deal with it and I was hoping I could get some advice that wasnt just get good lol  

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Your best defense against radar is making a note of what ships have it on the enemy team by checking at the start of the game, keeping a track of where they are on the map and just staying out of their radar range, which shouldnt be too difficult with Neptune. In fact, Neptunes should very rarely be so close to such ships. If you are firing at an enemy closer than 9.5km then its possible for your shells to ricochet off their deck due to the shallow angle of impact, even with your improved RN CL penetration angles, so bear that in mind as well.


  • All soviet cruisers that have radar (Chapa, Dmitri Donskoi, Kronstadt, Moskva and Stalingrad) have a range of 12km
  • Belfast has a range of 8.5, all other UK cruisers with radar (Edin, Neptune and Mino) have a range of 10km (RN CLs obviously prefer smoke in randoms, except Belfast which has the luxury of both)
  • American heavy cruisers (Indianapolis, Buffalo, Des Moines, Alaska) have a range of 10km, except Baltimore who has a range of 9km and Salem who has 8.5km
  • American light cruisers (Cleveland, Montpelier, Seattle, Worcester) have a range of 9km, except Atalanta who has a range of 8.5km
  • American battleship Missouri has a range of 8.5km
  • Pan Asian destroyers Hsienyang, Chungmu and Yeuyang have a range of 7.5km (although in randoms PA DDs tend to prefer smoke over radar and the radar only lasts 20/22/25 seconds).


With the exception of some premiums the common ranges are 12km for russians, 10km for US and UK cruisers and 9km for US CLs, always bear that in mind when these ships are present on the enemy team. This skill will prove even more vital when playing higher tier DDs.


Radar is all about awareness and intel, and you counter it with awareness and intel. Keep a track of where it is, what range it has, when you know it's been used. Neptune doesn't really have the speed needed to outrun an encroaching radar ship like some DDs are capable of doing, so you must keep them out of that range in the first place.

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So, as the owner of a missouri you'd sound like an interesting target to me. 

Basically there are a couple main points with radar:


-be aware WHICH ships have radar

- know WHAT RANGE thise radars are

- know how long those radars last

- pay attention to WHERE to ships ARE.


If you are outside 12km of the nearest radar ship, youre good. 

But never drop attention, cause in a missouri nothing is more fun than sneaking up on a smoked up RN cruiser.


Playing DDs can certainly help you familiarise with the struggles of radar, RN cruisers are probably the harshest line to learn to deal with such mechanics. 


Lining up the circle is not the problem when ppl hit you after youre radarred btw, the delay is only 6 seconds and some people (including me) like doing blind shots on positions when you use your guns, based on the tracers. 


One of the most important pieces of advice i can give for RN CLs is NEVER go full broadside to enemies, even when youre in smoke. If ppl blind you youre done. Angling will help also when you do get radarred. 


Doesnt help against a missouri sneaking up behind you, but the minimap is for that

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