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Grozovoi or Daring

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I recently started the RN dd line, and I am now up to the Acasta. I also started playing the Ognevoi, from a previous grind.


Which T10 should I grind first? I'm enjoying the manuevability of the Brits, but I'm further in the Russian line.


From what I researched, the Daring contests caps then deals with the supporting ships, and the dd.


I've heard the Grozovoi deals with the supporting ships first, due to poor concealment and bad handling.


I've specced both into a gunboat build.

13 points on Ognevoi, and 11 points in Acasta.

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Daring is indeed a better cap contester due to Hydro and great handling. But the Grozo is also a very powerful hybrid, with defensive AA, smoke and a heal all at once. IMO I don't think you can go wrong with either of them.

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You cant go wrong with either, but you couldnt find two more different playstyles, so pick whatever you prefer.

Daring is slow and very safe due to spammy smokes and hydro and absolutely murders anything it catches close. Sucks are range and needs a 14 point captain (IFHE+CE) though (100 mm main guns).

Grozovoi works well on its own and has better ballistics on the guns but it's big as a bus and accelerates like a brick so it likes open water and a bit of range. Used to be impervious to CVs pre-rework, but now only good vs CV.


Both preceding ships are quite fun to play too.

Get the Jervis at least, from what i remember Acasta was a bit of a turd. Jervis, Lightning and Jutland are all a pleasure to play.

Ognevoi: I never played the reworked tier 8 ship, but contratry to the rest of the line, it was previously more of a torpedo boat. Udaloi is one of the best and can be played in both Khaba style (4x3 build) or stealth (CE). It has been powercreeped some, but still decent.


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