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8.9 wont start

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Hi all,

 Dont know if anyone else has this. others seem to have problem closing new version mine wont start lol.

its weird because when i open the game it asks me if i want to exit the game.


1. click icon to open game

2.asks me if im sure i want to exit=click no

3. password screen in which my details are saved/remembered. click log in.

4.tells me password/email incorrect.


4 is a definite lie/mistake since

1.ive never changed any details and

2.i can still log into wargamming.eu and this place on the same details.


sorry to bother you all, any ideas though?

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You can contact WoWS support if the problem is still persisting. You'll find them here: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/


Otherwise you can try running an integrity check in the client, alternatively if I've understood your problem correctly I would open up task manager and see if you have any other worldofwarships executables running.


Hope this helps.

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