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WG, add an option to set our own path for temporary files and downloads

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Hey guys!

With todays update i ran into a serious problem which shouldn't be one in first place. Not only did the update require an absurd amount of space to download (6GB in total), the installation, or more precise the unpacking of the update, required a total of 19GB! This is combinded a total of 25GB for temporary files. I have the game installed on a SSD and the free space on the games partition is 12 GB. You can see that this is a huge problem. I though 12 GB should be enough to install the 6GB update but boy way i wrong. The GC aborted the installation because of the lack of drive space. I checked the folder sizes and the temporary update folder with the unpacked files was full, zero space left. So i had to temporarily move almost 15GB of other installed apps to free the space so WoWs could install its update. I checked the tmp folder where the client extract the update files and at its peak it was at 19.3GB. This is ridiculous! Even more so that i have about 1.5 TB free space on other drives in my computer.

The whole problem could be avoided by either (1) allow us to set our own temp folder/drive where downloads and temporary files should be stored or (2) simply respect the system temp folders like any other app on the computer. There is a reason why we as user can set system variables such as tmp folder and drives within Windows. This is exactly for the reason to avoid these unnecessary problems with having to move tons of data back and forth just so a game can install an update. Thanks!

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On 10/17/2019 at 10:09 AM, ThePurpleSmurf said:

(1) allow us to set our own temp folder/drive where downloads and temporary files should be stored


You can do this Yourself with any directory or file. In Windows we can use mklink command to do that: https://docs.microsoft.com/pl-pl/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/mklink


1. delete Updates directory in Your game folder. All files inside can be deleted without any harm to the game.

2. make destination directory anywhere You want ex. D:/Updates

3. now make a link between those two:

Open Windows Powershell or use cmd command and type ex: (use only hardlinks becouse Windows "likes" to

delete soft links)


mklink /J "C:/Program Files/World of Warships/Updates" "d:/Updates"



(my game dir was na "E" drive)


Now system will be using another directory on another drive to store files, which is linked to original directory.

Thats it.


Ps. That way You can move many directories outside Your SSD drive. If You have files in them then move such directories with them to destination drive. However moving Windows system files is tricky, becouse dir/files attributes. But this is another story.

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