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Graf Zeppelin Black won't be a flop in sales

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So, we all know that the Graf Zeppelin in WoWs is just a historical meme boat that didn't get the chance to evolve into an over sized cruiser with battle ship secondaries. Instead she keeps this over sized look to be an aircraft carrier with planes that make you question why you got this ship in the first place (unless you have a German bias and will get anything just to satisfy your German needs).image.thumb.png.18b060ecbecedc8d44e860b5e24f517c.png

Her planes are all over the place, rocket planes which are meh,  torpedo bombers that are okay ish,  her ap bombers are like slot machines. TL;DR unless you're a super confident and skilled player or some person who's high on meds and memes for a living. You won't like it. And you either got it cause long live the German Kriegsmarine or because of Azur Lane / Kantai Collection. 
Now if you paid attention to any of the promotional video's during the Azur Lane event you might have seen her. If not from there then from the AL it's self or the internet.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor graf zeppelin azur lane wiki

BUT GUESS WHAT COLOR'S Graf Zeppelin Black is going to be wearing?!
Black, Chrome/Silver, (Probably also the red KMS logo).


Soo despite GZ being a not so loved ship for the majority of people. GZB will be a wet dream for weebs and collectors. 

So it isn't that bad of a pick for a b variant. But Alaska B is better 



Also no Graf isn't best waifu.

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Just wait until WG dunks all over the GrafZ B owners when the next collab comes along and the regular GZ gets an AL camo.

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10 hours ago, Miragetank90 said:

At the moment, we have a love-hate relationship. 

I couldn't fu**ing agree more. Same goes for me and my waifu (yes, GZ is my waifu get off my back...also sry Kaga)


Sometimes she's good and performs well and wrecks everything...

Sometimes she can't do jack diddly ho :Smile_sceptic:


Oh well, I know I'm not paying for a ship I already have just because it's Black.

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