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How is this fun?

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Just played a Tier 10 game with 6 HE spamming ships on the enemy team, including the new Colbert, Smolensk and Worcester. To our 2... 


It just feels like it doesn't matter how well you play, the game is decided for you during Matchmaking. Which in its current state is so piss poor.


Update 0.7.4 "The matchmaker is an algorithm that picks players from the queue and divides them up into teams. The primary task of the matchmaker is to ensure the maximum possible quality of matching teams for a battle within the shortest possible period of time. In the majority of cases, the matchmaker does it well." - Says f***ing who? Your spreadsheets...

30% WR CV matchup against 60% WR
3 Smolensk vs 1 

6 HE spam ships with combined smoke, radar and hydro vs 2 without any radars.

2 Harugumos vs 2 shimakazes 


And that's just in the games I've played today. 


Is it really that hard with the money you make every day to balance matchmaking? 



Matchmaking should be based on players win rate, not the ship they're playing. Anyone can buy a premium and hop into a top tier battle. Isn't going to make it balanced nor fair just because the opposing player is in the same tier ship. 


I've never heard a player say "We got smashed in that game but Matchmaking was fast/instant so I don't mind" 

I'm pretty sure players wouldn't mind waiting 2-3 minutes if it meant when they got into game they knew they were playing opponents of the same skill level as themselves. 


P.S I'm in a clan of older folk, they play because many of them were in the navy or armed forces and enjoy being able to sail their ships around. Many of them are forced to play in coop matches and just the other day I divisioned up with one to play a random and placed in a match vs a division of 3 [OMNI] players. 

That's a 70-year-old man who simply plays for fun, forced to play against some of the best players in the game and consequently getting killed very quickly. Please explain how your matchmaking algorithm is fun in any way for these players? 


I may have digressed a little but I think my point still stands. 


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Hello @ImSteve,


since you're apparently new to the forum a short explanation on why I locked this thread: There's already a thread that is perfectly suited for your train of thoughts to be added. This is just a measurement to keep the forum from overflowing with dozens of similar posts/threads. Please see the MM Discussion:



Cheers and happy discussing.



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