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Spectator mode

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In the update 0.8.9, the ability to go into battle without a ship –as a spectator– is added to the training room. This new feature will allow you to comfortably watch friendly matches, as well as hold tournaments and other activities.


We have prepared a small guide to this mode for you.


Entering the battle as a spectator:


1. Create a training room and tick the "Allow spectators" box.




Please note: there is no need to add extra spots for spectators to the training room.


2. The creator of the room can move players to the "Spectators" lobby, and can also become a spectator themself and start the battle in this role. There can be up to 20 spectators in one battle.




3. When spectators are in the lobby they automatically get the "Ready" status.

4. You can enter in a battle as a spectator if there is at least one ready player in each team.


The spectator's capabilities in battle:


1. Spectators are not shown in the team line-up on the loading screen, TAB, or battle results screen.




2. Spectators do not have access to battle chat or tactical commands, and cannot put marks on the minimap.

3. Spectators can watch the battle in real time and switch between watching one of the two teams or both:

  • When watching one of the teams, the spectator sees only the ships of this team, as well as the detected enemy ships.
  • When watching both teams, the spectator sees all the ships on the map.


4. The keys (1), (2) and (3) are used to change the spectating mode. In spectator mode, the commands are named "Alpha" and "Bravo". The color indication of the commands does not change when changing the spectating mode: the Alpha command will always be colored green and the Bravo command will always be colored red:


a. Spectating the Alpha team.




b. Spectating the Bravo team.




c. Spectating both teams.




5. Spectators can be attached to ships, planes, and shells like a camera after the destruction of a ship. 




Binding to shells and planes is possible only while spectating one of the teams.


6. On the battle result screen, spectators can view information about the composition of the teams and which team won the battle.




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Update 0.8.10 will arrive to EU server tomorrow, so that is why I am closing this thread. Thanks for understanding :Smile_honoring:

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