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How to report BUGS - a suggestion.

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To whom it may concern.


After having filed several bug reports according to this post (edit: and, shame on me, sometimes using the support website, not the link offered)

To improve the bug reporting workflow for users and developers alike I humbly suggest:


a) On the support website, instead of several topics to choose from, neither of which actually fit many of the bugs, please offer [edit:] the link given in the quoted post to choose the subject "Bug Report". You could even make it a 'one way ticket' for reporting only (visible disclaimer on that  recommended). Maybe /w tick boxes/drop down to select the corresponding client version: i.e.

[--Bug Report--] regarding  |  update 0.8.8     [   ] |

                                              |  update  [   ] |

                                              |  update 0.8.9     [   ] |



b) Have all support staff trained to escalate any ticket they are not 100% sure they have (i) understood what it is about, (ii) the background to understand what was reported, to someone who does, (iii) forward a ticket headlined "bug report" to whoever collects bug reports- (I.e. "customer writes about crash dump, error codes, syslogs and other IT stuff and has attached files which look IT thingy -> checked -> send this ticket to the tech people"; "customer used headline 'bug report' and used template 'see quoted post' --> forward to bug reports"). And offer some training re. the appropriate use of boiler plates, please*.


The suggestion part ends here.

Hope this is received as constrictive as it is intended.


Regards, and good hunting :)





everything below i sanitized from the actual suggestion. since i wrote it i thought might as well dump it here anyway :)


Yes i know and have used the customer support feedback thread... ;)


*)Boiler plates have their merits and can be very useful in customer support processes. But if a customer gets the impression the answer was written by a script ('bot'), or careless, or /w lack of understanding what the request was about...

...then there are either not enough boiler plates for variation and to fit all request (sub-)categories and/or they are used carelessly and/or w/o having understood the request, or the boiler plates, or both.


So please, after having received the Nth -identical- boiler plate copy paste template message that had nothing to do /w my ticket (by now of a long_ish thread of self explanatory conversation, in parts /w support staff who actually have the skills to at least adequately reply)... well, just get that fixed, or in case of outsourced support... it's either as cheap as it sometimes appears or it's cheaper than what you pay for. And neither evokes confidence.


Or am I, by some freak coincidence, the only one who has repeatedly received "sorry your game has crashed, send wgcheck report, i can feel /w you" as answer to a simple, friendly, one way dumped bug report (no crashes, none mentioned, no support request, no answer required)? My sample size is too small to reliably extrapolate - so wildly speculative.... if it was and the frequency was alike, and you sourced level 1 support out - then I'd consider it too costly, however cheap. 

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